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Public procurement and provision of services law (composition of declaration, competition surveillance, contract processing, dispute resolution), Local Self – government Bodies Law – Election’s procedures, Tax Law, Public Finance Law (administrative and penal procedure), Disciplinary Law, Public Employees’ Law, Request of cancellation, Compensation for damages from public entities,  Construction and Planning Law, Health Law, Human Rights’ Law, Education Law, Αllocations, Cases submitted to the Court of Audit, invalidity and commencement disputes).


 Labour / Employment Law, (personal, collective negotiations and employment contracts, labour relations framework, employee lending,  transfer of legal relations, trade unions) Cooperations – Collective groups – Institutions (founding, functioning, resolution),  Law of obligations (works contract,  transfer of demands, obligation from negotiations, obligation of malfeasance), Marital – Hereditary Law, Civil Procedural Law, (confiscation, auction, suspension, opposition)



 Finance – Taxation Crimes (forged and fictitious invoices, failure to pay sales tax, tax evasion) Property Crimes (fraud, misappropriation of funds), Personal Data Crimes, Crimes against the Personality (Laws of liber and slander), Ιnjuries, Threat, Illegal Violence, Domestic Violence, Extortion, Ofplea bargaining, Drugs, Τrafficking of illegal immigrants.


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